Image by Sahand Babali

Our Mission

Our mission is to help animals and people in the community. 


Our goal is to find loving homes for animals in need, We help animals of all ages, breed, species, and size.

Our community programs are run fully on donations and are crucial for reducing the number of animals and people in need.

We are a regsitered 501(c)3 Non-profit


Favorite Transformations

We have many wonderful kittens come through our nursery, here are some of our favorites.


Ash was only a few weeks old when he entered our care after being found outside. Little did we know Ash was fighting a mighty infection caused by an abscess on his side from a bite wound. 

After weeks of treatment, nursing, and getting vetted Ash was shortly adopted and moved to Texas. 

Ash is now a very large and happy cat living in Texas with his family. 


Alice and Tetch

When Alice and Tetch were only a few months old they found themselves fighting for their lives.

The two siblings were found taped in a box on the side of the road, discarded like trash. After arriving in our care it was quite clear they were dealing with severe upper respiratory infections, ear mites, fleas, and malnourishment.

After months of extensive treatment, monitoring, and around the clock care both Alice and Tetch beat the odds and survived. 

Alice and Tetch remain together and don't leave each others side.


Atlas was a four-week-old kitten found hiding under a house, with no mom or siblings in the area he was taken into our care and provided around the clock care in our kitten nursery. 


Willow was found in a hospital parking lot when she was only two weeks old, Raised in our kitten nursery Willow has become a wonderful adult cat that likes spending her days taking naps in the window. 

Fun Fact: 

Willow was not a patient kitten when she was younger she would throw weeping fits until she got her bottle, Giving her the name Weeping Willow.




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