Spay Assistance

This program is for female cats. Male cats should be second priority and females should always be done first.

Before we talk about how you use our program let's talk about why.

Based on the information provided by the ASPCA  over 3.2 million cats enter animal shelters annually, What's sad? Is that many of those cats and kittens don't get to leave the shelter with a chance at a forever home. Why is this? Because many municipal shelters are not equipped with providing around-the-clock care for bottle babies or have enough space to provide mothers the space they need for their litters. They don't have the support system to get all of the kittens adopted before they age out of being "adorable" or high demand. This can all be prevented by getting your female cat/s fixed even if its just an outdoors cat that you take care of they still add to the numbers of kittens being born on the streets that end up being euthanized, killed, or abandoned.

Our Program

Here are the following requirements of our program:

The cat must be female, Must be able to be handled and put in a carrier (Unless we talked to you about feral cats), Must be able to return where the cat came from and If litters are present the kittens must be vetted as well.

The Process  

You will first need to either call or email us and check availability. Availability depends on the resources we have available, This program is run on donations. 

Cost We only cover half the invoice, this allows us to help more people and cats. 

We cover $56.00 per female cat, This includes spay, pain medication, and rabies vaccination. Our vet is only in town on most Tuesdays and Saturdays so please make sure this works with your schedule. 

If our vet has available spots the next step would be picking up the presurgical paperwork and paying the $20.00 surgery deposit, The deposit is put towards the surgery. Directions will be emailed. 

We can microchip for $15.00 which includes free lifetime registration. This can be scheduled through email or by calling. 


To request spay/neuter assistance please fill out the form below. We will be in contact shortly.


Spay And Neuter Resources

Here are some wonderful organizations that offer spay and neuter at a reduced cost for low income households.

Some of them have income requirements of $40,000 or less

The following places are located in Wichita, Kansas

Kansas Humane Society

Low income required*

Female/Male cats $65.00 

Extra cost for vaccinations 

May require proof of income*

Spay and Neuter Kansas

Female cats $40.00

Male cats $30.00

Extra cost for vaccinations $5.00


Must show proof of income*