Low cost microchipping

Our microchip program is here to increase the chances of owners finding their lost pets. 

one in four animals will get lost in their lifetime and sadly you are less likely to find your pet if there is not a form of identification present. While collars and tags are a great option they are not permanent and can come off leaving your pet without identification and the easiest way to fix this problem is having your dog or cat microchipped.


Microchipping can be done in dogs, cats, and small animals.

It is incredibly quick and no more painful than your pet receiving a vaccination. Microchips are not GPS but when scanned by a microchip scanner which the majority of vets, rescues, and shelters have access to will be entered into the AHAA microchip database to see if the pet is registered and access the owner's contact information.

Our program will microchip your friendly dog or cat for a one-time fee of $20.00, This fee purchases the microchip, implanting, and registration. The program we use offers lifetime registration and does not cost anything to update your contact information along their lifetime!

If you would like to get your pet chipped please email us at anotherdayanimalsanctuary@gmail.com or call (316) 469-5511 and leave a voicemail with your name, number, and information about the pet. 

It's hip to get chipped!