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Image : Sahand Babali

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Hi there! My name is Dandelion and I'm looking for a new best friend and forever home, I'm assuming you're looking for a new best friend as well? Let me tell you a little about me to see if we're a good match. 

I'm approximately 9 - 12 months old, As you can see in my pictures I have stunning, soft, ginger fur and bright golden eyes. I'm laid back, enjoy cuddles, and a warm bed to sleep in at night after a long, hard day of playing. If I would describe myself it would be that I'm gentle and charming, I hate to brag but I'm kind of a ladies' man. I would love someone that enjoys constant companionship and someone to talk to. 



Hello there! My name is Poppy but I believe Princess Poppy would be more fitting considering I like to be treated like royalty. That being said I'm currently looking for a palace to reside in, I'm guessing you are looking for someone to keep you company? How about we if we could be a good fit? 

Here is a little about me, As you can see in my pictures I have stunning black fur and golden eyes that look elegant on every occasion. I'm fully vetted this includes being spayed, microchipped, current on rabies vaccinations, and treated for parasites, I'm around 9-12 months old and litter trained. 

I'm looking for someone that loves a constant companion, always ready for an adventure, and ready for a lifetime commitment. 

I have been around dogs and cats, I do well with dogs but I prefer being the only cat unless I'm paired with my brother Dandelion.


You can shop and send much-needed kitten supplies directly to us almost like a baby registry. Items can be purchased through our Amazon wish list:

Another way to help is donating a Chewy gift card, This allows us to shop for much-needed items. Gift cards are sent immediately to us through email :

The Kitten Nursery

We have provided a safe and loving place for kittens of all ages to grow and flourish into heathy, young cats. Many of these kittens were part of our bottle baby program and received around the clock care and feedings.

Those kittens then get vetted and placed into wonderful forever homes.