Favorite Transformations

We have had many cats and kittens come through our feline nursery over the years and here are some of our Favorites.


Pepper was born in our care along with her six siblings on July 20th, 2019.

She was the runt of the litter and different from her siblings but that doesn't stop her from being a spunky and playful girl that has since been adopted and lives with her brother Clover.

Pepper enjoys playing tunnels and climbing on high objects. 


Clover was born in our care on July 20th, 2019.

When he was around six months old he suddenly became sick and was hospitalized for three days, after fluids, Injections, and weeks of medication and monitoring he made a full recovery. 

He has since been adopted and lives with his sister Pepper. 


Ash was found in a yard when he was only weeks old. Ash was suffering from a large abscess and infection on his side.

In just a few weeks Ash recovered and grew into a playful and independent kitten. 

Shortly after he was adopted and now lives in Texas. 

Alice and Tetch

When Alice and Tetch were only a few months old they found themselves fighting for their lives.


The two siblings were found in a taped-up box thrown in a ditch with trash.

After arriving to us it was quite clear they were suffering from Upper respiratory infections, parasite infestations, and malnourishment.


After months of medical treatment, monitoring and special diet both Alice and Tetch made a full recovery.

Alice and Tetch remain living together and don't leave each other's side. 


Willow was found in a yard when she was only weeks old.


From the very start, Willow was very vocal and liked getting all the attention, She got her name Willow from being a Weeping Willow. 

Willow grew into a beautiful young kitten, After being vetted and socialized she was adopted and now lives in a beautiful fur family. 

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