Our goal is to help people and animals as much as we can. Listed on this page is our community resources, Including our Pet food pantry and Spay and neuter assistance program. Both ran completely on donations. 

Pet Food Pantry


Our pet food pantry is run solely on donations, we ask that you only request assistance if you cannot afford to purchase pet food. 

Pet food brands and proteins will vary and we can not guarantee that it will match what you currently feed.

How it works

Please note we can not supply the same household multiple times. We limit our pet pantry assistance to twice per household unless stated. 

Pet food must be picked up at one of our pickup locations which are currently on the southeast side of Wichita, You are given a one hour window for picking up your supplies. Due to no shows, we can no longer hold food for people past one hour given. 

Food is measured out into gallon bags and marked with the brand, protein, and date it was packed. 

  • 1-2 Small dogs will be supplied with a one-gallon bag.

  • 2-3 Small dogs will be given two one-gallon bags.

  • 1-2 Large dogs will be given 1-2 one-gallon bags.

  • 2-3 Large dogs will be given 3 one-gallon bags. 

  • ​1-4 Cats will be given 1-2 one-gallon bags. 

Sometimes canned food and treats will be added when available. 

Proof of pets may be required. 

Some food given may still be frozen from storage, We recommend allowing it to thaw before feeding it.

To donate towards this program please visit our donate page and include pet food pantry in the notes or shop for our program using our amazon wishlist. We can not run this program without donations. 

Spay & Neuter Assistance


There are more cats in the shelter and living on the streets then there is in loving homes. This is because of the overwhelming amount of kittens born each and every year. 

It is much easier to take care and love one cat then it is to feed and take care of twenty cats. This is why our Ending the Cycle Program is important to us.

Spaying and neutering can be done safely at the age of 12 weeks old, This will prevent litters of kittens and puppies from entering the shelter population.

Kittens under 2 months of age are commonly put down at animal shelters because they are too little to care for themselves and need around the clock care that some shelters are unable to provide. This can easily be prevented by spaying/neutering your cat. 

Other benefits of sterilizing your pets include:

  • Reduce or eliminate male cat/dog marking and spraying.

  • Reduce or eliminate the desire to want to roam or leave home to find females. 

  • Decrease the chances of certain cancers and diseases. 

  • Prevent unwanted pregnancies.

  • Reduce aggression and territorial behaviors.

  • Calmer demeanor 

Our spay assistance program is to help those that cannot afford to get their pet fixed. 

The owner/caretaker will still pay a portion of the surgery but at a much lower cost. 

PLEASE NOTE* Surgery prices were recently raised due to cost supplies increase.

Female cats are our priority. The caretaker/owner's cost for a female cat is usually around $56.50 this includes the rabies vaccination. 

We would like all unspayed females in the household along with any kittens of age to get sterilized. 

Cats for this program must be able to be handled If you are needing help getting a feral cat fixed please make sure to mention in your note that it is a feral cat. Feral cats will be ear- tipped showing they have been sterilized. 

After submitting the spay assistance form, We will confirm available surgery dates afterward we will contact you with the appointment details.


To request spay/neuter assistance please fill out the form below. We will be in contact shortly.


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