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Our pet food pantry is run solely on donations, we ask that you only request assistance if you cannot afford to purchase pet food. 

Pet food brands and proteins will vary and we can not guarantee that it will match what you currently feed.

How it works

Please note we can not supply the same household multiple times. We limit our pet pantry assistance to twice per household unless stated. 

Pet food must be picked up at one of our pickup locations which are currently on the southwest side of Wichita, You are given a one hour window for picking up your supplies. Due to no shows, we can no longer hold food for people past one hour given. 

Food is measured out into gallon bags and marked with the brand, protein, and date it was packed. 

  • 1-2 Small dogs will be supplied with a one-gallon bag.

  • 2-3 Small dogs will be given two one-gallon bags.

  • 1-2 Large dogs will be given 1-2 one-gallon bags.

  • 2-3 Large dogs will be given 3 one-gallon bags. 

  • ​1-4 Cats will be given 1-2 one-gallon bags. 

Sometimes canned food and treats will be added when available. 

Proof of pets may be required. 

Some food given may still be frozen from storage, We recommend allowing it to thaw before feeding it.

We will be in contact soon!

To donate towards our pet pantry program you can donate monetary donations through our donation page or shop for items directly through our wishlist:

Contact Us

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