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Our goal is to help people and animals as much as we can. Listed on this page is our community resources, Including Pet food pantry, Lost and Found, Spay and neuter assistance and Microchipping.

Pet Food Pantry

Our pet food pantry is run solely on donations, Please only request pet food if you are in need.

Pet food protein and brands will vary and we can not guarantee that it will be the same you currently feed. 

Please fill out the contact form below for help with pet food and litter. 

Please include what kind of food you need (Dog or cat) How many animals need fed and weights.

Please note we can not help the same household multiple times. We limit food given out to twice per home.


Lost and Found

Lost or Found a pet? Here are some great resources for finding lost pets or reuniting found pets. 

Make paper fliers and post them around the area the animal was found or lost, If the poster is on white paper put it on bright colored poster board. 

If your pet is microchipped make sure all contact information is up to date. If you found an animal take them to any vet to get scanned at the vet for free. 

Notify local vet clinics about the lost or found animal. 

Share on Facebook and other social networking sites. 


Spay and Neuter Assistance

There are more cats living on the street and in shelters than there is in loving, forever homes. There are many benefits to spaying or neutering your pet and one of them is reducing the cats and dogs that live on the street and in shelters.

You can do the right thing for your pet by making sure they are spayed or neutered. If you need help with the cost of spaying/neutering your pet, Please fill out the form below. 

Owners/caretakers will pay a small portion of the surgery expense. This program is run on donations. 



Microchipping your pet can increase your chance of being reunited if your pet gets lost or stolen. When animals come into shelters and rescues they are commonly scanned for a microchip. 

We will microchip and register your pet for $25. The animal must be tamed and be able to handle easily. You can easily update your contact information anytime through the microchip company we use. 

Contact us at (316)371-7265 or Anotherdayanimalsanctuary@gmail.com to get your pet chipped. 


If your pet is microchipped make sure they are registered and information is up to date. 

Found Animals Registry (We use this company) 

24 Pet Watch: (866) 597-2424

AKC Reunite: (800) 252-789

Avid: (800) 336-2843

Home Again: (888) 466-3242


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