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Another Day Animal Sanctuary Inc.

Adoption FAQ

Why are there adoption fees? 

All young and adult animals have small adoption fees. Why? Adoption fees are used for the care and vetting of the next animal that comes in our care. 

What is required to adopt a pet?

We never want adoption to be hard or discouraging on potential adoption homes, We only require five things: an Application, Adoption Fee, Conversation, Meet and greet and Adoption contract. My main mission is to make sure animals are placed in a good, loving, forever home. If you're ready to adopt start by filling out an application, If everything looks good there then you'll receive a call from me so we can set up a good time to chat and meet your potential fur baby! 

What if I live in an apartment? 

Living in an apartment is okay! You don't need to live in a big, nice house to be a great pet parent. As long as you get it okayed by your landlord, and pay any necessary pet deposits living in an apartment won't stop you from adopting. 

How do I know if I'm ready to adopt? 

Before considering adoption make sure to it down and really think about the commitment you're about to make. Go over this checklist and see if you're ready to bring a new best friend home.

  • Do you have time for a pet? Pets are a life long commitment, They take time, energy, money and love. Do you have enough time to spend with an animal for the rest of his/her life? 

  • Can you afford a pet? Can you afford some quality yummy food for your best friend? What about some toys, Enrichment, and needed supplies? What about future vet bills? 

  • Are you willing to keep the pet for his/her entire life? Cat and Dogs can live 20+ years that is a long time to spend with your new best friend.  Are you ready to have a new sidekick go along with you on your journey even when times get tough or life happens? It's easy to throw in the towel and call it quits when things aren't but your new pet will be with you to provide you with love and support and hopes you'll do the same for him/her.