Adopt Your New Best Friend

Adoption Requirements

Adopters must be 18 years or older and have a valid ID when completing the adoption. An application, meet and greet, and adoption contract is required before the adoption is finalized. 

All basic needs and items for the animal should be ready for the animal prior to the adoption day. 

Adopter(s) must live within 3 hours of Wichita Kansas, And be able to travel.

Adoption Application & Process

We believe every animal deserves a loving forever home no matter their age, species or breed.

Adoption is exciting and we try to make it a stress and hassle-free process, by finding the perfect furbaby that will fit your home and lifestyle.

The second an animal comes in our care we want to make sure they get a fresh start and never have to worry about a safe and loving home.

The first step is filling out our adoption application, This allows us to find the perfect furbaby for your home. Please make sure you are ready for a lifetime commitment, Looked over the contract, and live within three hours of Wichita Kansas and willing to travel. 

After you send in your application we will be in contact with you soon.

We try to keep adoption fees low because we want you to invest in the animal by being able to purchase all of their needed items and pay for medical care down the road.  

​The adoption fee helps cover medical and food cost for other animals in our care.

Before the animal can be transferred to his/her new home you must have the basic needs met. 

 You will need the following items ready before we will finalize the adoption. 


For Cats, (Litter box, food, dishes, toys, scratchers and other basic items)


For Dogs,(Food, Collar, leash, harness, dishes, toys and other basic items) 

After an application has been submitted and we have had a chance to chat we can start the meet and greets, Meet and greets allow you to choose the right animal-based on how their needs, Temperament, energy, personality, and more importantly how they connect with you. 

Once you have found your new best friend the only thing left is the adoption contract and adoption fee/donation. 

Please know we prefer our kittens to be adopted in pairs or in homes with existing cats. This reduces boredom, loneliness and behavioral issues. 

All applications must be filled out through petestablished.

Adoption fee(s) Vary by the species and age of the animal. All animals receive the appropriate vetting for their age and species.  All cat(s) and dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. 

Included with adoption

Included with your new best friend is the following: 

                           (DOS = Depending on species)

  • Spayed or Neutered (DOS)

  • Vaccinated (DOS)

  • Microchipped and Registered  (DOS)

  • Treated for parasites

  • A bag of balanced pet food 

  • Helpful Information and brochure kit

Contact Us

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