Frequently asked questions

About Us

Are you a shelter or rescue?

We are not a shelter and we are not currently holding a rescue license. This means we do not take in strays, do stray holds, or act as a shelter. We are a volunteer based organization that works to help people and animals in the community through our pet pantry program, spay assistance and microchipping programs.

Do you have animals for adoption?

Though we are not a shelter or operating a rescue building currently. occasionally we do have kittens or cats available for adoption that has been through our Ending The Cycle program which helps spay and neuter cats in the community. These kittens or cats are fully vetted, if they are social and comfortable around humans instead of releasing them back to feral colonies we help their owners or caretakers find loving forever homes! Please check out available cats here: petlover.petestablished.com/organization/1305242

Are you a non-profit organization?

Yes! We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and your donations are tax deductable.

My pet needs medical assistance but i can't afford it. Do you help with that?

We are currently only able to help with spay/neuter assitance, and microchipping.

Where are you located?

We founded in the Wichita kansas area but now serve Derby, Andover, Augusta, Rosehill, Haysville. Wellington and Mulvane Kansas. As of January of 2022, We are currently working on branching out to Oklahoma!

Questions about our programs

What is the Ending the Cycle program?

This program is working towards ending the cycle of reproduction in cats and kittens. Did you know a female cat can get pregnant as young as four months old? That is a baby giving birth to babies! not only is this dangerous for the young mother but increases risk of miscarriage and death in kittens. This can easily be prevented with spaying her before this happens. It also reduces the amounts of kittens that flood the shelters and streets.